What is my intention?

It is always a special moment of the year when the light comes earlier in the mornings and the darkness falls a bit later in the afternoons. The return of the light is very welcome – though there is something enjoyable about the darkness, lighting lots of candles and making it cosy.

Looking back

And as the days begin to open up, it’s a time to reflect on 2014, the offerings and challenges of the year, the friends we made, the things we’ve learned and the opportunities we have reached for – or not. What has weighed us down and what has given us wings?

Looking forward

Where do we want to go this year? Where would we like to be this time next year?
Whatever happens, let’s give ourselves some time to discover and identify an ‘intention’ and let the constellation unfold and show us what needs to be seen.

What is my intention?

Of course the question itself raises many more questions. If I achieved this aim, who would I be? Is it really what I want? Or am I aiming for what I think I want, what others want of me? Who do I want to be? What do I want to learn? What issues would I like to shed light on?

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