What is my intention?

It is always a special moment of the year when the light comes earlier in the mornings and the darkness falls a bit later in the afternoons. The return of the light is very welcome – though there is something enjoyable about the darkness, lighting lots of candles and making it cosy. Looking back And […]

Of light and darkness

After the feeling of being re-energised a few weeks ago, light is the impression that is coming to awareness at the moment. The unsaid and the unseen, the entanglement all weigh on our lives, restricting our ability to see the world (and the people around us) for what they really are. It is like having […]

Feeling re-energised

I found myself reflecting on the recent workshops: if there is a repeated experience after each workshop, it is the impression of being re-energised. The issues that weigh on our minds, our bodies and our hearts can leave us with a sense of constriction, or having a restricted ability to move through our lives or to take the steps […]

What does change have to do with healing?

When we feel pain we usually want it to go away, want to ‘get rid of it’. Paradoxically, this movement of pushing the pain away, refusing to embrace it and listen to it, is often the movement that causes more suffering. Working with family constellations, we see that where there is suffering there is also a way to […]

What would ‘better’ feel like?

Whether you are working on yourself or with a client, it can be really fruitful to take time finding out what you want – or what your client wants. Some people call this our ‘intention’ or our ‘heart’s desire’, our ‘burning question’, our ‘goal’. Even the words we use can make a difference, they can help us to feel more […]

Helen’s story

What follows is a personal account from a client I worked with in individual therapy about 14 years ago. I have asked her permission to include it because it shows movingly how much can follow from a very small intervention. Sometimes, as with Helen, the healing movement takes years and years before it bears fruit. […]