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Family Constellations
People bring their unique story to family constellations. Opening ourselves to the bigger picture is often a way to bring clarity to the difficulties - big and small - we experience in our lives

Clare Crombie offers an opportunity to experience the approach known as 'Systemic Family Constellations'

Clare lives and works from home in Oxford. During the pandemic she offered Zoom workshops and she now offers in-person workshops. She is also available for one-to-one constellation sessions online, for those who are interested or who cannot attend a workshop.

Constellating Your Story: Sunday 23rd July, 9.30 to 5pm.

The Pavilion @ Flo’s The Place in the Park, Oxford. Cost £85.

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Transforming hidden hunger into warm accompaniment, inviting Hungry Ghosts to become Warm Companions.

This day will provide a space to enable deep listening to yourself.

You will be facilitated using processes from story making and systemic constellations. Fiona and Clare will support you to explore a promise you may have made early in life, that keeps your true hunger buried and prevents you from meeting that hunger with nourishment.

You will discover more about what anchors you in your habits, how to bring about a shift in entrenched beliefs about yourself, and why your personal narratives hold you in a place that prevents you from fulfilling your potential.

The workshop explores these questions through visualisation and metaphor, supporting use of the ‘muscle of imagination’ to see things from a different perspective. Through constellation of ancestral and familiar messages the ‘sacred vows’ that no longer serve you can be brought into your awareness, and gently released with an offering of gifts or blessings for onward movement and growth.

Who is it for?

Constellating your story has been successfully used with people experiencing persistent negative emotions, struggling to find a way of making different choices in their lives, and many other issues. The Inside Story technique brought by Fiona Macbeth can be integrated by therapists, coaches, and facilitators into their current practice. The “systemic lens” brought by Clare Crombie’s work with constellations can also enhance an existing practice of any kind.

Fiona is the founder and director of ‘An Inside Story: a creative technique to address blocks and recurrent issues in both personal and professional contexts’.

As a drama and story-based practitioner Fiona has worked for 30 years running workshops and creative projects with people of all ages who face challenges in their lives. From 1998 to 2018 she was a Senior Lecturer in Socially Engaged Theatre Practice and Director of Education in Drama at the University of Exeter. She is currently an Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Drama, University of Exeter.

Clare has been practicing as a psychotherapist and supervisor since the early 1990s, after completing training at the Gestalt Centre London. Before that worked in various different fields including as a nursery teacher and professional musician. She first encountered Systemic Constellations in 1996, and since then has integrated this powerful way of working into her practice. More recently she has been making time for studying and making art and delighting in discovering how the world of creativity (including story) supports and feeds into psychotherapy and supervision.

For more information and to book a place please email Clare or Fiona.

New date for Edinburgh constellations workshop

My next in-person workshop in Edinburgh will be on Monday 25 SeptemberPlease contact me directly here if you would like to join me there and I will send booking info etc. It would be lovely to see you and you are most welcome to attend, whether you have experienced a workshop in the past or are completely new to this work. 

The venue is Dialogue and Space and the cost is £90.
Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm, Monday 25 September.

Why come to a constellation workshop?

The Constellation approach offers a healing methodology that allows us to gain insight into ourselves and our current struggles; as we open our minds and hearts to a bigger picture. At a constellation workshop we use the group to create a ‘living map’ of a larger set of systems – our family, the community, society. We take into account the intergenerational transmission of trauma, and the feelings and learned survival systems that may be inhibiting our growth and potential. 

Using this process we hope to bring into relationship parts of ourselves, or our world, that have become separated; and in doing so, with warmth, support and empathy, we may encounter a greater capacity for healing within ourselves.

How can a constellation workshop help?

This approach has the capacity to clarify hidden dynamics – for example the trauma or difficulties that may have been experienced by previous generations; or rejected and painful emotions that have had to be suppressed within the family; which may be actively burdening or entangling you in the here and now. Difficult events often result in people being excluded from a family’s narrative of their history, while simultaneously being burdened by what they unconsciously carry from the past. The strength and energy to live life more fully become more easily available when we are willing and able to see where the feelings have really come from. The constellation approach provides the opportunity to do this, in a non-judgmental and confidential space.

Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations 2023 (Year 1) Scotland

This Foundation Training in Scotland offers an opportunity to develop a working understanding of a systemic constellation approach, which can be used to resolve personal, family and social issues. This course has been running for over 20 years across the UK and we are delighted to offer it for the first time in Scotland.

The Foundation Training is for anybody who wishes to gain a fuller understanding, from a systemic constellation perspective, of the issues and concerns that they may have in their everyday life – this may be personal, familial or professional. The course can therefore be taken for both professional and personal development reasons. More details about the training course can be found here.