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Family Constellations
People bring their unique story to family constellations. Opening ourselves to the bigger picture is often a way to bring clarity to the difficulties - big and small - we experience in our lives

Clare Crombie offers an opportunity to experience the approach known as 'Systemic Family Constellations'

This website was formerly CarinaScotland and Clare now lives and works from home in Oxford. During the pandemic she is offering Zoom workshops on Sunday afternoons, approximately bi-monthly, and is also available for one to one constellation sessions for those who are interested or who cannot attend the workshops.

Workshops via Zoom in 2022:

2.30pm – 5pm on Sunday 15 May

While we are still not able to meet in person, there are many possibilities for exploring an issue together. A constellation has the capacity to support you in finding out how you have split off parts of yourself in order to survive, and how you have made contracts with yourself in order to maintain relationships. It reveals the hidden forces and loyalties such as unresolved trauma from previous generations; which may be actively ‘entangling’ you in the here and now.

The work can support you to meet your difficulties with greater resonance and warmth, as you feel the support of the group to look more compassionately at what is.

There are many possibilities even when we are not sitting together in the same physical space. I have been using the whiteboard on Zoom to draw the spatial relationships of the constellation as we go along, and you can see an example of this here.

The process of watching the drawing unfold seems to be very evocative, and helps everyone to feel more connected to the constellation – maybe because drawing has more resonance than words alone. As always, members of the group can be asked to represent – which is also surprisingly powerful. Below is some feedback from previous attendees.

Alison McCrae said
“Thank you Vicky and Clare. I’m awestruck having a constellation through Zoom!”

Alison Shepperd said
“Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on Sunday and took away a deeper level of understanding”

Breda O’Neill said
“It was fascinating to observe you working with drawings & bringing your vast experience and genuineness to it”

E C said
“The online version worked well and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been reflecting on the session, both the first constellation and mine, and discovering more about them. My constellation has had a powerful impact in a way that I wasn’t anticipating. Thank you again for creating and holding the space. The generosity of the group was evident”

Workshops are 2 hours 30 minutes, which allows for a minimum of two constellations.

Why come to a constellation workshop?

The Constellation approach offers a healing methodology that allows us to gain insight into ourselves and our current struggles; as we open our minds and hearts to a bigger picture. At a constellation workshop we use the group to create a ‘living map’ of a larger set of systems – our family, the community, society. We take into account the intergenerational transmission of trauma, and the feelings and learned survival systems that may be inhibiting our growth and potential. 

Using this process we hope to bring into relationship parts of ourselves, or our world, that have become separated; and in doing so, with warmth, support and empathy, we may encounter a greater capacity for healing within ourselves.

How can a constellation workshop help?

This approach has the capacity to clarify hidden dynamics – for example the trauma or difficulties that may have been experienced by previous generations; or rejected and painful emotions that have had to be suppressed within the family; which may be actively burdening or entangling you in the here and now. Difficult events often result in people being excluded from a family’s narrative of their history, while simultaneously being burdened by what they unconsciously carry from the past. The strength and energy to live life more fully become more easily available when we are willing and able to see where the feelings have really come from. The constellation approach provides the opportunity to do this, in a non-judgmental and confidential space.