Coming up is the “Constellating Your Story” on April 15th in Exeter, April 28th in Oxford, and September 15th in Edinburgh with me and Fiona Macbeth. Booking and enquiries direct to me or Fiona

Also, there is a two-day Constellation Workshop at the Glasgow Theosophical Society on Saturday & Sunday 18/19 May 2024 titled ‘Blowing on the Embers’, with me – full details and booking here.

Constellation workshops

At a constellation workshop we use the group to create a ‘living map’ of a larger set of systems – our family, the community, society. We take into account the intergenerational transmission of trauma, and the feelings and learned survival systems that may be inhibiting our growth and potential. 

Using this process we hope to bring into relationship parts of ourselves, or our world, that have become separated, and in doing so, with warmth, support and empathy, we may encounter a greater capacity for healing within ourselves.

‘Constellations’ can help you to take another step in your understanding of yourself, and support you to meet your difficulties with greater resonance and warmth, as you feel the support of the group to look more carefully at ‘what is’.

Workshops in Edinburgh
Dialogue and Space, First Floor, 64 Albion Road, Edinburgh. EH7 5QZ
Dates TBC

For booking and more info please email me directly