Feeling re-energised

I found myself reflecting on the recent workshops: if there is a repeated experience after each workshop, it is the impression of being re-energised.

The issues that weigh on our minds, our bodies and our hearts can leave us with a sense of constriction, or having a restricted ability to move through our lives or to take the steps we want to take.

By shedding light on these issues, we find out that not-lookingnot-talkingnot-being-aware of these issues have actually been consuming a lot of our energy.

When we shift our attention, even a tiny bit, we can reclaim some of this energy. It is now available to live our life – to go with the flow rather than trying to swim against it.

And step by step, we can bring awareness to the hidden corners, discover the joy and lightness of a healthier autonomy – with greater integration and coherence – thereby living our potential more fully.

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